Bathing Area

Sado Deep-sea Water Bath

Although we have included individual showers in each room for your convenience, it is our pleasure to introduce you to a large, public bathing area which utilizes one of Sado Island's greatest blessings!
The public bath in Tabino Hotel Sado is filled with mineral-rich deep-sea water from the beautiful ocean of Sado, which you can view beyond brightly terraced rice fields all over the island. Taken from a depth of 332 meters, this naturally-rich seawater is a luxurious source of refreshment. Bathtime can help you recover from travel fatigue and will leave your skin smoother than ever before! Let this precious experience restore your mind and body for a fresh start tomorrow.

Sado Deep-Sea Water and the “Mother Sea”

Sado Island, in the Sea of Japan, is surrounded by the Tsushima Current, a surface oceanic layer that extends down to a depth of 200 meters. Below that is the so-called “Japan Sea Proper Water” where solar radiation cannot reach. This water, 200 meters and below, is also called “deep-sea water.”

Deep-sea water is so rich that it seems to contain almost all of the inorganic elements of the earth. Because its mineral ratios are nearly identical to those of amniotic fluid, which surrounds and nurtures babies in the womb, it is sometimes referred to as the "Mother Sea.”

Features of Sado Deep Sea Water

① Low temperature stability

The deep-sea water in the Sado Strait is called “Japan Sea Proper Water” and is characterized by very cold temperatures compared to the deep sea water of the Pacific. The average water temperature can be as low as 1 ° C, which is cold enough to suppress the breeding of bacteria. Its level of purity, therefore, is very high.

② Cleanliness

Deep-sea water never intersects with surface sea water, which is contaminated by river and atmospheric pollutants. In addition, since sunlight does not reach this depth, plankton and bacteria do not grow, maintaining a state of cleanliness.

③ Eutrophication

Since sunlight does not reach the water at depths of 200 meters or more, photosynthesis is not carried out and inorganic nutrients which are essential for plant growth, such as nitrate and phosphate, remain in abundance, without being consumed by bacteria.

【Effects / efficacy】
・Refreshment of mind and body
・Smooth Skin
・Retention of deodorant

Comfortable Bathing Time

Taking into account both Japanese and modern styles, we have designed large bathrooms and dressing rooms. You can check congestion of the baths on the TV in your room for maximum bathing convenience. Enjoy soaking in silky hot water for as long as you like.

Bathing time: 3:00pm - midnight / 5:00am – 9:00am

One-day bath: 1:00pm - 5:00pm / winter 1:00pm - 0:00am



Dressing room

Dressing room


Sometimes small amenities can assist your relaxation. For example, a vibrating evaporation dryer can quickly dry your hair at a low temperature, so the hair cuticles do not get damaged. Tabino Hotel Sado makes a strong effort to provide a variety of supplies to enhance your stay.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap with the rich fragrance of Darjeeling Tea are provided in the bathing area. All are from the popular Aroma Doll Series. The body soap contains six kinds of plant extracts and Roman chamomile extract as a moisturizing ingredient.

Cosmetics for Ladies

Complimentary fragrance and color free cosmetics are available in the bathing area. The high quality brand, Revaisensu moistens your skin deeply with double collagen.